Montrer/Cacher Briefs/Exercises 2010-2011

Below are the exercises, and film essai brief, specified for this year’s project.

Introductory exercises
Individual exercise (can be done at home)
Make a portrait out of different facets of someone you know well: both/either between 3-6 photographs or filmed as a series of short shots (total 2 minutes duration).  Each photo or shot should show only a partial characteristic of the person – both physically and from their personality (a part of the body; a familiar object, a shot from behind, use of light and shadow; blurring the image; different scales within the shot..).  At the end, the person mustn’t be identifiable, but overall is evoked, suggested..
Collective exercises
1 Film an action completely in close-up (total duration no more than 3 minutes and 8 shots maximum).  Indicative story line: ‘Person A moves from space into another adjacent space, then gives something to Person B.  You choose what is given (a codeword; a kiss; a curse; a gift; a warning) and which spaces you use.
2 Film a complete short scene (maximum 3 minutes) where someone in shot reacts against something or someone outside the shot, which we never see but know of through sound, light, reaction shots and the direction of the gaze, or a reflection
The film essai (8 minutes maximum)
Indicative scenario: Two secrets, of which one is revealed, the other withheld.
The main rule, which shouldn’t be given to the students until after they have scripted their scenario:
Once the scenario has been written, students have to choose one of the key scenes that will not be shown.  The scene should still play an important role in the story, but won’t be filmed, just suggested (through an ellipsis, or use of offscreen sound, reflections, camera movement which hides or reveals, or a substitution of action in the edit)
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