Session 8 – Lambeth CLC – 19/01/11

The London Nautical Boys had a Parents Evening so weren’t able to come. The Lambeth Academy boys took advantage of the situation to brush up on basic FCP and hone editing skills further. This proved particularly useful and there was a sense that the creative possibilities were suddenly made apparent.

Here are the boys’ clips – some unfinished…

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One Response to Session 8 – Lambeth CLC – 19/01/11

  1. Nadia says:

    I really enjoyed watching the three short video clips.
    There are some strong acting skills being demonstrated.
    What was very impressive was the range of camera angles being used.
    The one I liked best was the footage taken at floor level where you just see running legs. Another bit that I thought was extremely effective was the use of music to help create atmosphere and tension. Oh and I have to mention the face reflected in the glass shot, that was genius.
    Some up and coming film makers and actors here I think – looking forward to seeing some more work develop! : )

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