From St Catherine’s – Session 3

28th January 2011

Today the girls continued working on the second assignment. As this piece is supposed to be around 3 minutes the girls had a lot more footage for this task.

All the groups were editing today and using new effects like repeats and jump cuts. On the previous task all the groups used non diegetic music, so this week some of the girls explored the use of diegetic sound.

One group of girls went out with the sound recorder and recorded footsteps, breathing and doors slamming. They then used these sounds to add to the intensity of their short film. The plot was that somebody was watching them and these sounds added an eerie atmosphere to the film. This plot merged well with the theme of Montrer, Cacher as you could not see the character of ‘the stalker’. The girls gave visual hints like their shoes and school skirt to imply that it was another pupil from the school.

Another group used mirror effects by shooting over the shoulder shots of reflections and POV shots from the characters and the mirrors point of view. They used match on action and eye line matches very successfully also. The use of mirrors worked very well with Montrer Cacher as it allowed the girls to offer different angles and perspectives on what you can see and can’t see.

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