Session 9 & 10 – Lambeth CLC – 02/02/11

Illness and logistics got in the way of Session 9 and there was no session. Session 10 opens with Victoria Ijeh’s 12 min. student film: “Lavendar”. Victoria is a mentor on this project and is currently completing her third and final year at Royal Holloway studying their Media Arts degree. This is the first time she’s shown her work ‘in public’ and we all appreciate this gesture. We can’t post the film yet as protocol dictates that it can’t yet be in the public domain; it’s going to be shown at the BFI’s Future Film Festival.

After viewing there’s a general discussion about the narrative, the meaning behind the narrative and the film’s broad themes: loss, regret, love, adolescence, ambiguous motivations, bunking off, friendship, aspiration, fate, deceit … any more anyone?

Emma asks Victoria “Is what is said important or what is felt, in this film?” V says what is felt which comes across particularly well with the choice of music and its layering over dialogue. There’s a feeling of yearning and a contemplative quality to the film that the boys seem to appreciate. Emma suggests there could be more scenes of the 2 characters just ‘being’ rather than doing or talking / perhaps more wide shots to fully take advantage of cinematic wide screen / the bloke’s performance is perhaps less convincing than the girl’s who is more connected to her lines.

Personally I think the whole exercise is very impressive – Victoria being prepared to put her work up for scrutiny not only by a professional (Emma) but also by the boys who wouldn’t necessarily constitute the target market. Am I right or wrong boys?

Moving on… Milo seems quite impressed that there are comments on their own film clips in Session 4. There’s also a comment on the French blog … in French… unsurprisingly.

The boys then turn to the screen and make individual edits of other boys’ footage from a couple of weeks ago. It’s an interesting exercise and it’s worth knowing how this feels. This work sadly has to remain unfinished and will be posted soon as poss. Again it’s useful to know: if you’d had more time how you would have finished them off?

I catch Emma using film-speak which is unfamiliar territory and quite cool (or is that just me?)… eg. “Watch the rushes, put them in and make me a cut!” She also says something about her National Film and Television School (NFTS) experience and her tutor’s inspiring notion that “There’s always a story in the rushes … Find the story!”

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