St Catherine’s 18 February

From Chiara, who is blogging for St. Catherine’s:
18th February 2011
Last week we had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Cannon who took some lovely photographs of the group.

Today the girls were on the final stages of completing the third task, a film about 2 secrets. With one group we researched sound effects on the internet but came to the conclusion that it was best to record our own as they sounded too fake and we wanted to achieve a realistic effect.

One of the groups made masks of one of the students faces and everyone wore them which created some very sinister and frightening footage. This worked very well with the theme of secrets and I thought it showed how the girls are learning to think outside the box and are becoming more creative.

Two of the girls decided to use the theme of superpowers, which was a nice change as most of the secrets have been very serious subject matter like illness or drugs. Opting for a comedic nature worked well as it gave the girls the chance to explore a lighter and fun side of film and that not all secrets are bad.

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