Session 12 – Lambeth CLC – 16/2/11

Emma arranges for the boys to become more acquainted with the ways of acting. Hence we’re treated to an acting workshop with the professional actor Anthony Taylor. I think it’s fair to say we all had a grand time of it. The group does a variety of exercises (see slideshow below):

  • rubbing our (own) bodies to awaken energies
  • moving around the room with contradictory and action/response instructions
  • patting the body in certain patterns and rhythms and then missing out certain pats as instructed
  • incremental laughter: a group of 4 boys have to smile with the eyes > eyes and mouth > smirk > laugh out loud > belly laugh
  • make a story in 5 takes – audience is asked to open and shut their eyes at strategic moments. Actors re-arrange themselves while audience keeps their eyes shut. Emma takes advantage of this exercise to walk through potential camera angles to capture that particular moment in the story
  • 2 boys are up “on stage” competing for audience attention by doing possibly the most minimal of gestures/actions in the most intense way and not necessarily the most grandiose … the audience points to which actor has their attention or is the most engaging at any one point
  • the boys have conversations in pairs speaking and gesturing as if they’re Italian and then Japanese
  • A TV chat show scenario is created, conducted in a foreign language: the host has to improvise and translate the “nonsense-speak” confidently and coherently to the audience

Levels of interaction are greatly enhanced by these exercises and the boys respond extremely well.

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One Response to Session 12 – Lambeth CLC – 16/2/11

  1. emma sullivan says:

    This was a great session- not only because the lads learned about the many skills of an actor but also they learned how important it is to be the audience, to focus on the actors and support them with their attention. This is useful for when we will shoot our film- the crew are the first audience and as a collaborative medium we need to work as a team at all times.

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