Session 13 at Lambeth – 2 March

After the great session on acting before half term, the boys today started conceiving the story for their final film.  The driving idea is of a boy who has issues with his self-perception – he wants to be respected, but feels overlooked; ‘little man syndrome’, as the boys put it.  In terms of ‘montrer/ cacher’, it’s about how he presents an aggressive persona to the world, which hides his insecurities.

The scenario they settled on uses a football match as the site of a confrontation between the boy and an ‘alpha male’.  They talked through different ways of presenting their scenario filmically; Mylo asked whether the actual confrontation – a fight, essentially – needs to be shown at all, instead showing the consequences.  This is quite a change from the first encounters with the group a year ago, when their main interest was in filming violence!

We watched clips from Napoleon Dynamite, which shows a comic version of how a boy ‘presents’ to the world, and La Haine, (the mirror scene) which shows a very different kind of self-presentation

Next week, they decamp to Clapham Common to commence filming.

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