04/03/2011 – BFI Fridays at St. Catherines

Chiara writes:  Today the girls continued working on their films. Some sequences had to be re-shot, which is a process the girls are learning. Although their films only have to be about 3 minutes in length they are realising that 10 minutes of footage sometimes isnt enough. It is better to have more footage to use rather than finding that out of their ten minutes there is nothing they can use. The girls are starting to work more in order instead of repeating task which is very useful when keeping to a deadline. They are learning to spend more time on filming then, editing , rather than filming and editing and then repeating this for the same film. Another way the girls are becoming more organised is by doing more planning before filming. They have started making storyboards and scripts rather tham improvising when out wiht the camera. Storyboards are also useful when it comes to the editing stage of the process.

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