Session 15 – Lambeth CLC – 16/3/11

The Shoot, take 2:

Immediate continuity issues are raised when Josh appears … without his braids and sporting an afro – a very different look from last week! Emma, we think, manages to persuade him to keep the afro at least until next week instead of changing again. Aggie comes along this week – a professional editor – and offers ideas during the next part of the shoot. It is really cold but at least there seems to be some continuity in terms of weather with last week’s shoot.

Milo has to go early which means there is some shifting around of roles and different people get to have a go behind the camera, both “on sticks” (with tripod) and handheld. Some boys have difficulty keeping the camera steady and maintaining a sense of framing. One scene has to be shot a few times because the boys seem to have difficulty understanding / focussing on what is required. Emma has to shout instructions quite a lot today which brings to mind how this kind of work is really demanding of the boys’ listening and interpreting skills.

Emma makes the comment that shooting a football story with the boys is perhaps something that will be given a wide berth next time, as the ball seems to wield hypnotic powers that excite and entrance and effectively distract them from the business in hand. We’re a bit behind in terms of shooting schedule.  Having said all that, the boys have a great time and get experience of a good variety of shots including reverse angles, wide panning and handheld closeups in amongst the players

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