Session 16 – Lambeth CLC – 23/3/11

Shoot no. 3:

The footie shoot continues. There seems to be a buzz about today’s shoot, possibly because they know there isn’t much time left to get all the shots they need and the story is unfolding in front of their eyes and becoming real. The link between physical shooting and impending editing is becoming clear. Aggie – from last week – has recommended some handheld footwork close up shots be taken and I imagine this is to ‘lubricate’ the main narrative action.

This is turning out to be quite a complex exercise in terms of: maintaining reverse shot continuities, eye-line matches, shadow management, making sure everyone has had a go at different roles, keeping the boys from fiddling with the ball, keeping everyone focussed while others are rehearsing other shots, keeping up shot variety (handheld or not handheld, camera moving or still, tripod or no tripod, cutaways to bystanders, reaction shots, close-ups of footwork, camera trickery) getting the vocabulary right – All quiet! > We’re going for a take! > (Press Record) Camera Rolling! > 3, 2, 1, Action! > Cut!

It’s interesting to see a ‘fake’ shots being set up so that Josh doesn’t have to concentrate too much on getting his football skill right at the expense of his acting, so Medhi lies on the ground and throws the ball up at Josh as if he’s been keeping the ball in play for a while.  We also shoot the lead up to the ‘fight’ and then the dramatic climax of the ‘fight’ – or rather its consequences – with Peter lying on the ground and the others looking down on him, followed by the positive handshake gesture.

Next week Emma’s hob-nobbing with A-listers in the States so Aggie is back to run the first editing session.

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