BFI Fridays at St. Catherines – 08/04/2011

Today we put all our final touches to the short films in order to prepare for our screening after Easter. After Easter we are going to screen all the short films the girls have made for the BFI Cinematheque Project.

The pressure was on today as the girls looked over all their work and made sure that they were happy with the final films. A lot of the groups were finishing editing their last pieces and once they had finished were looking back and touching up some of their previous films.

Some of the girls realise that some of their creative decisions made sense at the time but now  have realised that they would have done some things differently.

Because the girls have written their storyboards they know what the secrets are in their films, and now that the prospect of an audience has been introduced they have to question whether the audience would understand the message they intended to portray.

A lot of the girls showed me their films and ask me to guess the secrets, in some it was obvious and others not. The girls realised that the task of having secrets but not revealing them to the audience was actually very difficult and took some effort to make their films comprehensible as well.

We look forward to screening the films after Easter and seeing each others work!

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