Session 21 – Lambeth CLC – 18/5/11

I missed last week – 11 May – but the boys continued their edits and Medhi started his film interviewing the boys and their appraisal of the project.

This week – 18 May – is the last session.

Medhi and Josh together try to edit a cut for the introductory film. Medhi is also on hand to help on the French subtitles for Rafal’s edit which, it has been decided, will be the final screened version. I also help on the French subtitles along with Peter, then Victoria and Rafal edit them onto the film. Milo wants more time to edit his version. Other boys who have finished theirs enjoy pop videos. It is the last session after all!

We all have a final viewing of Rafal’s cut with the subtitles. The boys fill in their evaluation forms and we take some photos.

Bye boys! See you in Paris!

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