Paris Cinémathèque Screening 8/6/11

It’s the day after the Paris screening and the day has been totally unproductive… all I’ve been doing, seemingly, is wandering around processing the events of yesterday. It was so good.

Photograph: Milo Blake

An early start but we all manage to get on the 7.22am from St. Pancras and get to the Cinémathèque by mid-morning. We sit in the marvellous Henri Langlois cinema and watch short films/clips from French, Portuguese and Brazilian schools who’ve been following the same programme as the boys. Screenings are followed by a Q & A about how things came to pass, editorial decision-making and questions from the audience, all of which is a powerful exercise for the room of assembled film-makers whose ages range from about 8 to 16 years old. We are particularly impressed to see the Brazilian contingent who joined the project half way through the year; the 4 children had won a competition to get over here.

London Nautical and Lambeth Academy boys do a great job fielding the questions and our film: “Odd One Out” is well-received by the audience (link to it at the bottom of this post). Vincent – the Parisian facilitator – is interested to know how the boys have elaborated the theme of Hiding and Showing. They indicate that it is represented in the concept of “small-man-syndrome” and what feelings and motivations are hidden and revealed more than in the structure of the editing.

Photograph: Milo Blake

There is time during lunch and after the event to visit La Seine and also the Eiffel Tower where many photos & much footage is taken. The adrenaline keeps flowing and powers enthusiastic card-playing, crisp-crunching and pop-drinking on the train home. Excited parents wait at the Eurostar exit and we all peel off home, tired and exhilarated. It has been a unique cultural encounter on many levels. See the photos:

You’ve heard the hype, now see the movie…

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3 Responses to Paris Cinémathèque Screening 8/6/11

  1. emma sullivan says:

    Well done all! I wish I could’ve been there. Let me know how it went.

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