And from me..

I’ll just add a few thoughts and photos to Michelle’s post.  I stayed until Friday, watching the St. Catherine’s girls’ film on Thursday, presented by Jack Hayter their facilitator, and Chiara Walters, the AimHigher mentor from South Bank University.  Pity the girls themselves couldn’t be there to see the very enthusiastic response from a couple of hundred of their peers – the younger children in particular were intrigued by the image of so many girls in school uniforms and photo face masks.

The quality of all of the films was very high: a lot of thought had gone into exploring the different ways in which secrets can be withheld, and information revealed, using sound, framing, depth of field, and masking elements in the shot.  Groups had watched a wide range of (sometimes obscure and challenging) films: the Spanish group had watched Three Times and Cafe Lumiere by Hou Hsiou Hsien, and Late Spring by Ozu.  Another group had watched Yuki and Nina, excerpts from which were shown to us at the Paris training day in November.

On Thursday, Jack, Chiara and I especially liked Le Petit Cachottier, made by a school group very local to the Cinematheque, in Ivry.  ‘The Secretive Boy’ is a story of a boy of around 8 or 9 who keeps making his excuses and disappearing from his group of friends.  One of the girls decides to follow him and finds he’s.. going to ballet school; kind of a ‘little Billy Elliot’.  The scenario is revealed very gradually, with glimpses of ballet kit, and snatches of piano and laughter.  Made by children in I think Year 4 or 5.

Pictures below of (we are) the Lambeth boys, and the audience watching and responding to Jack and Chiara’s account of St Catherine’s films.

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One Response to And from me..

  1. Michelle Cannon says:

    Hi Mark – I wonder if the Cinemateque could send the film synopses electronically, so we can post all the different film scenarios on the blog?

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