Cinémathèque Day – running order

The films we showed in the afternoon of the screening day, 1st July:

BFI/ Cinematheque Francaise Screening

‘Montrer cacher’

Every year since 1995, the Cinematheque Franciase has run an annual film education programme called ‘le cinema cent ans de jeunesse.’  (‘Cinema 100 years of youth’).  Each year a theme is chosen for children to explore through film: camera movement, light, sound, colour.  IN 2010/11 the theme was ‘montrer cacher’ – what’s shown and hidden in a film.  Groups inPortugal,Spain,Italy,Brazil,France- andlondonandLincolnshirewatched films, and worked on exercises exploring hwo film stories keep secrets and spring surprises, and how they use the frame and soundscape to do this.

These films are the outcome of the programme in England.   Find out more at

St Mark’s School, Holloway
No-one Knows           3 minutes 36

Jodhi enters into an email correspondence with a friend she meets online.  But can she trust that they are who they appear to be?

Friends to the End  5 minutes 41
Good friends Mark and Haady seem to be going in different directions at school.  Will their different experiences test their friendship?

Easy Come, Easy Go  2 minutes 59
Ifte and Dylan’s friendship is based on a deception.  One day the police come calling, and the truth will out..

Lincolnshire Films

A Tale of Two Cultures          10 minutes    Navenby School
A young Indian girl’s life changes forever when she has to move continents.  Will she find friends in her new country?

Disappeared      5 minutes      Fosse Way Academy
A group of children in a school are all losing precious objects.  But who is the thief?  And what are they stealing?

Friends Like These  5 minutes           Nettleham Junior School
It’s Sophie’s birthday but will her friends be celebrating it with her?

The Intrigue      11 minutes 25           Barrowby School
Children seeing ghosts in school and around the village.  Can there be another more rational explanation?

Mise en Scene  3 minutes       Holy Trinity School
A girl is missing, and a school bag is found…

The Final Chapter      St John’s 6 minutes
Poltergeists?  Or someone palying tricks with your mind?  The story seems to have been written in advance..

The Box  9 minutes    20   St. Andrew’s Cinematheque Club
Spooky goings inside a cupboard in a school science lab…

Lost Dreams     5 minutes 40   Allington and Sedgebrook CE Primary
The story of a girl’s thwarted dreams of becoming a dancer… But maybe she dances on forever..

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