St. Andrew’s Cinematheque Club first session

To get the group thinking about this year’s theme of reality and fiction, I decided to give the children some time to explore ‘reality’ with the cameras in a pre-task task. We filmed in the park next door to school and explored shots that might show the reality of what it is like being in Jubilee Park. It was interesting that they, almost immediately, found and saw real things with which they began to form possible fictions around. The dummy found on the grass was a particular talking point as they began to develop stories around why it was there. This was a useful exercise as it helped the children understand that not everything they see on screen is set up and planned for and that the filming of real settings establishes a ‘real’ context in which a fiction can take place. We then moved on to the first task.

The following film shots show the children exploring and presenting the reality of their local park.

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One Response to St. Andrew’s Cinematheque Club first session

  1. Loving these first clips Julia. It made me think how this year’s theme is particularly suited for having the children see their immediate environment with new eyes. I just read Michael Rosen’s Facebook status – as one of his 4789 ‘Friends’ – and your film task is reminiscent of what he’s saying about “The three pillars of early years education and care: play, story and talk” with the added bonus of immediate visual embodiment of playing and talking about narrative. Apparently he’s developing “a theory-in-practice of narrative in learning situations – from telling/writing to hearing/thinking/feeling/talking/telling/considering”. I took a screenshot of Rosen’s comment thread but you can’t post an image in a comment so will make a separate post.

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