Task 1: Interacting with reality

During the first task, the children considered their interactions with the space around them – how could they connect with their chosen setting – what connections might be expected – what might be unexpected? Very quickly, the children noticed that their planned interactions had to be improvised because of what naturally occurred within their chosen shot. Having to wait for cars to drive past, for people to pass by, having to change their intended pathway or to make an unplanned response to what someone else had said, were all unforeseen changes that were made in reaction to the real space around them. At first, the children found it frustrating that what they had planned had to change: two children spent some time setting up a shot of them looking and talking about a dog who was staring at them from a window, only for it to move as soon as they began filming! I will post the shots taken for task 1 over the next couple of days.

After filming we watched an extract from ‘Le Pain et la rue’ and could see the similarities with our own shots in how the boy had had to move, respond and react to those who passed him in the alleyway.

We spent some time talking about what is real and what is planned or fictional after watching a clip from ‘Boy and Bicycle’ directed by Ridley Scott (1965). This was useful for helping us consider how a film maker might select naturally occurring scenes to show the reality of the setting – the man walking his dog, the cars on the street, the boats in the docks, the seagulls above etc. Also, how the central character might respond or react to the setting – how he negotiates the parked vehicles; his reaction on passing beneath the bridge. (Just note the odd bit of swearing if showing to primary children)

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