Task 1: Waiting

Here are a few clips from St. Andrew’s on Task 1. Surprisingly, most people completely ignored the camera in Budgens after school, making it easer for the children to capture the reality of the setting. What has been more challenging, is the children’s self consciousness on camera and their urge to ‘act’. This proved to be a useful talking point with the children, however, on how to create a piece of film that is fictional and pre-planned but also captures reality realistically.

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4 Responses to Task 1: Waiting

  1. Julia – I like the supermarket clips, especially the one near the closing doors. Somehow or other it raises a smile and I’m not sure why…. maybe it’s an example of a moment that gives the illusion of resisting fiction ‘despite our best efforts’. I also think it’s a great choice of setting because supermarket lighting is going to be more varied and therefore more engaging – as is the case with the reflections by the fridge doors.

  2. markreid1895 says:

    Me too! The closing of the automatic doors is a great sight-gag – whether intended or not. There’s something cinematic about doors, windows, thresholds – especially automatic ones, which you can’t control or direct. On one of our training days we had a similar one – Morlette and Michael using the sliding doors in the BFI. I’ll link it elow in a minute. Ditto too the reflections in the fridge doors in Budgens. Are the children engaged by being out filming in amongst ‘real people’?

  3. Mark – I’d really like to see/use Morlette and Michael’s sliding doors clip. Is it online anywhere?

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