Building works at Dunraven School

Streatham Hill – South London. I visit the Dunraven ‘film club’ one Thursday in January. A slimmer class than normal but a good session all the same. Phil, their teacher, says one of the more vocal chaps is missing so the others up their game. Emma – the professional film-maker – is also missing (filming ‘Doctors’) so Phil gives the assembled an exercise to shoot and practices the mapping of shots, almost like building up a vocabulary therein, to be drawn on later.

In terms of real in fiction: there’s a load of building work going on at the school along with all the associated clanging and beeping of reversing vehicles. This proves quite useful and they capture a stretch of it and lay it under the edited footage. They’re careful to revert to indoor ambient sound whilst editing film taken from the inside looking out through the window and then merge indoor and outdoor smoothly together. Just listening back to the Vimeo clip, it might have been better to get closer to the source of the sound (health & safety allowing), especially as there’s a rather enigmatic dripping noise at the end.

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