London Nautical School January 2012

Another visit to the LNS boys and this time they’re out filming material for the 3rd exercise which involves a person exploring an environment where we see a series of pov/eyeline match shots culminating in a wide shot of the person immersed in the place being explored. There’s a group meeting where quality is discussed. The boys understand that simple doesn’t necessarily equate to easy and that great results can emerge from a more considered execution. After further location planning they go off and film with cameras already mounted on tripods.

I follow one group onto Waterloo Bridge where the plan is to take a contextual shot of the person before following his wandering gaze with pov shots. Unfortunately for them they experience some real technical issues with the camera but there’s no panic and in fact it allows for some lovely dusk shots as time marches way past 5pm. A lift scenario once more finds its way into the narrative, this time an outside one on the Hungerford Bridge (having been denied filming access by a security guard in the Royal Festival Hall …. all good experience for the boys as they negotiate the trials of filming in a public place).

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