St. Andrew’s Cinematheque Club Task 2: Conversation

The children have enjoyed getting out and about a little bit more this term with the evenings getting lighter. Woodhall Spa is quite a varied environment with woods, camp sites, open spaces and a busy (for a Lincolnshire village!) high street. This is reflected in the children’s choices of where to film and has also presented them with problems to overcome – in particular for Task 2 – sound. Challenges have also been on choosing what to talk about and what everyday action to perform whilst sustaining a conversation. The girls within the group have found this much easier than the boys – I really like their conversation about the X-factor whilst sharpening pencils and their choice of not showing who was talking at all but concentrating on the action itself. The boys worked in school on passing a football to one another and having a conversation about gaming – this proved very difficult to sustain, the conversation veering into talking about what they were doing at that moment and then dried up completely. It seems that, although this is probably something the children do all the time, once they were conscious of having to hold down a conversation it became much more difficult to sustain. I wonder, also, if boys are generally more ‘in the moment’ and this sort of conversation is more unnatural for them – either that or my Cinematheque boys are unique in not being able to multi-task! Outside of school, we filmed conversations in the toy shop and on  the high street – filtering out the the noise of the traffic proved tricky here – so a short session on playing about with the microphones followed.

In between filming sessions we watched some clips from the Cinematheque DVD focusing on the ones where conversations occurred. The group, naturally, were drawn to the ones involving children. We talked particularly about ‘Ponette’ and ‘Chat et jeu’ discussing what/who was acting and what were natural actions that weren’t or couldn’t be planned for such as eating, laughing and responding to the cat in Chat et jeu.

Here are some of our films on Task 2:

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One Response to St. Andrew’s Cinematheque Club Task 2: Conversation

  1. Hello all,
    I really like the sharpening pencils clip. I felt like I was there, listening, watching and about join in the X Factor conversation. Excellent choice of shot – a fixed close-up of hands only, so you could concentrate on both the action and the chat, it really draws you in. It highlights how compelling even mundane actions are, just as much as any great acting or script … it almost doesn’t matter what’s being said because you’re living that moment on screen.

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