St Mark’s Film Club Tasks 2 and 3

Before we started Task 2 we watched the clips from DVD 2 section 5 (L’acteur joue son role et effectue une action simultanement) and discussed what actions the actors were performing, the characters’ motivations and how the action was filmed. The children noted that in Loulou there is very little editing and they found it hard to determine who the main character in the scene was. They also decided that some of the cast were non-actors and they could be determined from the actual actors

The children preferred A Woman Under the Influence because it adheres to the kind of film-making they are used to and it is in English. I asked the children to identify editing and shot changes in the clip to continue to make them aware of this element of film making.  The group were intrigued by the female character and tried to understand her feelings and position within the male group. Terrell commented on how she was framed in the middle of the shot surrounded by the men at the table which led to a discussion about why the director had chosen to do this and how she seemed to be trying to fit in. We then watched the other clips and noted how the characters were doing the tasks and acting. I related this back to The Little Fugitive and baseball scene where the child actor ceases to act and begins concentrating on his task, making mistakes and falling over.

Boys Group Task 2

Girl’s group Task 2

For Task 3 we watched the opening sequences of Jackie Brown and The Graduate where the protagonists travel through an airport as the focus of the shots. The children discussed where the characters were going and how they were feeling. In particular they were interested in where Dustin Hoffman’s character had been and why he seemed so crestfallen. We also watched the clips from DVD 2 Section 7 (Le Personnage dans le Monde) of Germany Year Zero and Abouna (Our Father) of children walking through the streets.

Terrell’s group Task 3

Jodhi’s group Task 3

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