LNS 22 March – another scripting session

Another scripting session at the London Nautical School. Much collaborative debate has gone into this story which incorporates as many of the boys’ ideas as possible, going directly into a post on Chris’ film club blog. It seems that everything that is produced by the boys is distributed for feedback and incorporated into the vision with immediacy and value. Is it any wonder that all 15 of them they keep coming back? Adi mentions the idea of  live classical piano music playing whilst the canteen is being ransacked (more than a nod to Clockwork Orange?) and thus it will come to pass … the search for a piano-playing student is on.

Looking back at the photos taken on that day I’m struck by how often a school’s lack of technology is cited as a reason for not getting on with with projects that involve moving image and new media. Certainly in the planning stages, if everyone has been adequately primed, it is entirely feasible for 6 boys to be gathered round one laptop, contributing to … a writing task. This is great to see because the film even now remains  abstract and unembodied, taking up ever more RAM space in their individual imaginations. They know that to produce a film of which they can be proud, this is the level of focus, attention to detail and flow (to use Kai’s word) that is necessary.

If it’s possible there is a sense of renewed energy about scripting as the boys have found out that they will be going to the Cinématèque Française in Paris in June to show their film. Up until last week, they were simply following the French programme as part of a highly motivated UK contingent. Now they’re playing with the Europeans. They all agreed to come in during the Easter hols for a day to make headway on filming.

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