St. Andrew’s Cinémathèque Club: First day of filming the final film

The film team have been working on their final film ideas over the past few sessions. Max, who was in the team last year, came up with an idea around a slightly shady character with a briefcase who appears to have misplaced something very important. This character has a telephone conversation which confirms our suspicions that something sinister is going on. Another character, who has been watching the man with the briefcase, becomes suspicious of his actions and begins to follow him through a public space. The man with the briefcase senses he is being followed and tries to lose the character who is following him. He succeeds, leaving the camera to capture the reality of the public setting he finds himself in. The man with the briefcase is caught sight of again and the follower approaches him tentatively only to find an even more suspicious set up of the case being swapped for another. The follower continues to watch the man with the briefcase which then culminates in the final scene of the man slowly opening the briefcase by the local police station and bringing out … his lunch that he had forgotten. Not a little nod to montrer/cacher, I think, but the children have worked out how each scene will fit into the brief. Here’s a clip of the team talking about their initial ideas – the sound’s a bit quiet at the beginning:

Last Monday the team had an afternoon filming. The children had chosen some locations in the village for their first scenes – one of them being the local cinema ‘The Kinema in the Woods’. From this, grew a new character ‘the popcorn man’ who will be the person who follows the man with the briefcase. It is interesting how this character has developed an identity over the course of filming and, in fact, become quite sinister himself. The team are already coming up with ideas for further films that involve the popcorn man! Here’s a brief collection of a few shots we took during the afternoon.

The film team has a number of our Young Journalists within it so they doubled up in the afternoon taking some clips of the team at work and interviewing some of the group. The following film of our first film session appears on the Young Journalist Academy website:

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