Final Edit & Pizza

Below is the final cut that was sent to Paris (a French-subtitled version will be shown in June).  It’s interesting to note that as in many professional scenarios, there was a fairly heated debate – between the facilitators, as it goes – about the interpretation of the brief and how the film should end. Should the boys blend into the real morning melée in the playground or should they use the fictional scene filmed for the purpose, where a wide shot has them looking perplexed and being bundled into the school by a teacher? The boys seem to enjoy the disagreement between mentors and follow the thread of the argument with wry smiles.

The former option is chosen on the basis that it seems more subtle, however one could argue that the second option seems to fulfill the brief better …? Just as a reminder, here it is: Make a short film in four stages:

– 1. The film begins as a pure fiction: presenting a simple scenario or set-up * (maximum of 3 shots).

* Examples of simple scenarios: someone has lost an animal, or is waiting to meet someone they don’t know etc

– 2. Fiction cohabits with reality: interaction between characters and elements of reality (public place, non-professional-actors, animals, weather, etc.).

– 3. Then the fiction stops to make way for the observation of reality, or the interruption of reality (like the rainstorm in the Little Fugitive).

– 4. Brief return to fiction and characters to complete the film.
Maximum duration: 10 minutes.

Here’s a photographic record of the late afternoon viewing/last-minute editing session that morphs into an enjoyable evening pizza sesh – the name of the film is voted on: No Escape. Notice the boys’ commitment: the screening of the final edit reveals confusion with the viewer’s perception of time passing, so some of the lads stay behind to film a couple of extra shots of Adi’s watch to correct the anomaly.

The boys’ blog – The Nautical Film Club – records all stages of the film making process and remains a testament to the hard work of all involved and the depth of ownership that the boys have enjoyed over the past several months. Great work!

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