Cinematheque Screenings at BFI Southbank

Every June the Cinematheque Francaise in Paris hosts screenings of films made by young people under their ‘Cinema cent ans de jeunesse’ programme.  About 1000 young people take part, over three days, but there are still many more who don’t come to Paris.

On June 29th, nearly 100 children and young people came to watch each others’ films made under the ‘real/ fiction’ rubric: films which explored the necessary relationship between fiction in films, and the realities film-makers find and use.

Here are pictures from the afternoon: St Mark’s Primary School in Holloway, and 7 other schools in Lincolnshire.  What is so important about these screenings is the seriousness with which children take each others’ work, asking and answering questions.  Most frequently asked were questions about managing ‘the real’ in their filming – passers-by, weather, traffic noise, the brute fact of the world not behaving as expected or required.

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