Nautical 4 shot exercise

Last week the boys shot, and this week edited, their four shot exercise ‘to film the same situation in three different sites.’  The situation was an awkward meeting between three people: a pair, and another character about whom one of the pair felt awkward.  Each of the three groups shot in a different location: inside in a corridor; outside in an open space; and around a table.

I’ll embed one of the edits – the table scenario – below.  I’m particularly taken with the diagonal pan, from table to film poster – what Sam called the ‘landing place’.  One group edited another version of this, but didn’t stay long enough on the poster shot (it’s a matter of a fraction of a second).  We all liked the seamless continuity editing in this sequence.

But the diagonal pan shot took four takes to get right; a tripod only moves at perpendicular degrees  – along, or up and down.  Moving a camera at a 45 degree angle is thus a challenge – but it’s what this scene needed.  The boys also slowed down the shot to get the pace right (you can hear the slowed down diegetic sound).

There’s more here, at Chris Waugh’s LNS film club blog.

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