Completed excercise 1&2 recently. Ex1 was brilliant. Our kiddies have always been really good technically (their use of re camera and equipment is excellent). The area of film making I’ve always wanted them to really master and understand is the visual difference between their imaginations and it’s appearance on the screen. This task has helped our younger film makers to understand the detail requireand thought level required. The children’s photos are stunning. They’ve picked up on themes of separation, friendship, anger, loss and love. I’ll try and upload an example(s) of our images.

Exercise two was more complicated and a bit ambiguous. We tried to Film a scene between 2 characters, displaying some form of emotion within 4 shots but found the 4 shots too restrictive particularly as you had to revisit the scene and film it in a different way. This wasn’t as successful as ex1. However, our y6 team have found inspiration for their final project: a dark, haunting tale of separation, loss and love. A very different project to their Real/Fiction project last year.

We’re going to move onto exercise3 on Tuesday.

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