For mise en scene inspiration, wee been using a lot of still images from films and photographs. Stills from scenes include Citizen Kane, WallE, Pursuit of Happyness and The Dark Knight. In fact, the interrogation scene from Dark Knight is a brilliant piece of mise en scene. The opening is too.
Stay Calm and Call Batman!

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3 Responses to Batman!

  1. Zas says:

    Thank you for those tips!

  2. Katey Robinson says:

    It would be interesting to show my children the stills you showed us today of characters from films around tables. I recognised the Shawshank Redemption and Batman stills. Which films were the other two stills from?

    • bugsymeadows says:

      The still images I used that you saw came from Dark Knight, Shawshank Redemption, American Beauty & Training Day. I think if you ‘google’ ‘mise en scene in films’ loads appear. There’s a good one from The Shining around a table…

      Sent from Lord Martyn Wells of Tattingstone, NPQH

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