Adroit burns presents….

Actual filming for the final film began today. We went out on location to the local church.  We’ve been in the church lots of times before but until you look at it critically and through a lens, you don’t full appreciate its beauty. Was so very proud of the kiddies too, they dressed the scene beautifully: manipulating the items within shot, moving the camera so that it separated the characters carefully, positioning a vital mirror. The raw footage looks beautiful. Am a little concerned that some of the shots aren’t as closed as they ought to be in scene one. We tried to keep it closed, but we found the story and the mood started to dictate the shots a bit more than the brief/rules allowed. The kiddies filmed lots so we’ll see in editing – better have too much and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Gotta go, I think my wife may be in labour!

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