St. Andrew’s on Mettre-en-scene

Hello everyone! Our new Cinémathèque club have been exploring this year’s theme since January. Two children join us from last year’s group who were keen to be involved again adding some knowledge and expertise as to the way things work within the project. Six more children from Y5 and 6 were chosen out of many who wanted to be involved – several of these also attend the school’s Filmclub and are keen film goers/watchers. Session 1 and 2 – we explored the theme and watched a bit of Toy Story, plotting out Andy’s room and talking about what we knew about him from the things that were shown in his room. We then watch a clip from the DVD – the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – and discuss how the space between the two characters becomes more constrained as their relationship builds. There is lots of talk in the group about these scenes – the open space of the beach conveying a sense of loneliness, the positioning of the two characters in the cafe and finally how the space closes in between them on the train. The stills below show the children’s exploration into the idea of space and how relationships can be interpreted. Looking back at the photos, the group talked a lot about the impact of light and camera position on how you might interpret the relationships between characters. The two shots of the three children on the trim trail, they felt, took a more sinister turn in the second shot as the light darkens, the bare branches of the trees are shown in shot and the positioning and angle of the camera becomes lower and tilted upwards.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


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