Weston Hills

Karl Genert, one of the Lincolnshire project co-ordinators, writes:

Hi all. We are the Weston Hills Primary School film club. I have four fabulous (and fabulously keen) Year 5 students who go out of lessons for an hour on a Monday to work on the project (I wonder if that’s why they’re so keen?). Hopefully attached are some photos which were based on Exercise 1, which went off on a bit of a tangent as we explored the same event from different angles. We looked at how that may alter meaning. The idea for this came from watching Méliès’ Voyage Dans La Lune. We watched the entire film but particularly noted the moment the craft lands on the moon. Apparently, this is the first known moment in cinema history where the same event is shown from different perspectives. (a conventional side shot of the ship crash landing preceded by the famous shot of the ship landing in the eye of the man in the moon).  We all thought the changing of the angle shooting Evie hidden in the clothes made a significant difference. Taken from the front, the scene is quite playful, maybe part of a game. When taken from above, where her face can be seen more clearly, the shot takes on a sense of loneliness. What is she hiding from?
The group are very keen on silent film now, having asked to see more after watching the Méliès. This had led them to want to make the final film a silent picture. We have discussed how the removal of dialogue may help us to focus further on the visual aspects of the film, without getting too bogged down in delivery of lines etc. What do people think?

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  1. I really like your idea of silent film – .thinking about it – we actually watched some of the clips from the DVD without sound. I think this helped the children get to grips with the importance of character placement, scene setting and the items a film maker chooses to show or not show in the frame. We have made a couple of silent films over the last few years if they are any use for your children to watch. here are the links for ‘Hide and Seek’ and Drama Club Silent Film (this one is quite long so is in several parts)

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