Os Filhos do Lumiere, Saturday

While Chris and Sam and the London Nautical boys were busy shooting on the South Bank yesterday, by coincidence, the Lisbon partner on CCADJ, Os Filhos do Lumiere, were also shooting their final film.  Here they are, shooting on an open ended staircase – their confined space.  The group is from the high school across the road from the shoot, and the brick building behind some of the photos is a mosque.  The day was warm in the sunshine, but windy, causing mild havoc in the shoot.

Os Filhos do Lumiere is the Portuguese partner on Cinema Cent Ans de Jeunesse; Theresa Gomes is their leader.  I also met Raquel, a researcher from Rio de Janiero, who is working on the programme in Brazil and Portugal.  She was here to conduct some interviews with the students.  Claudia, from the Sao Paolo project, was also here.

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