More ‘Plan Séquence’ examples

Along with Cuaron’s ‘Children of Men’ & ‘Gravity’ long takes, there are the lovely shots in Kalatozov’s ‘Soy Cuba’: the opening 5 minute – 2 long shots –  one featuring an indigenous oarsman steering evocatively through poor pine-fringed waters with a voice-over, followed by a long, langorous look at 50’s middle-class party decadence, culminating in an underwater rooftop pool shot. The starkly different life styles and values set the social spaces in which the revolution is about to erupt.

There’s another memorable long take of a funeral march through the streets featuring more aerial cinematic wizardry – Mark Cousins references it in ‘The Story of Film’. Both Cuaron’s and Kalatozov’s long takes are easily found on Youtube.

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