From James at SEE

James McKenzie at Screen Education Edinburgh, one of the Understanding Cinema partners in Scotland, offered this contribution to the ‘long take’ conversation:

‘Miklos Jancso was commenting in general about his film technique at a screening of his film The Round-up (1966). What he said was that he liked to hold the shot for a little longer than was necessary for purely narrative purposes to allow the viewer time to think about the scene and he contrasted this to a lot of modern films, where the editing was so fast the audience found themselves carried along by the narrative, with no time to truly contemplate what was going on. The screening was on the 14th March 2009 at the Filmhouse, so I’m expressing what he said in my own words, as I didn’t note down the quote at the time. He wasn’t commenting on a particular scene, just on his overall technique for the films that he made in the sixties. I guess you could have a look at youtube clips of this film and ‘The Red and the White’ and compare them to similar themed Holywood films, see if it stands-up to scrutiny.’

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