East London Lumiere Minutes

Following our Lumiere Minutes session with teachers, groups are now making their own.  The Tower Hamlets cinematheque group meet every Thursday at Queen Mary University of London in Mile End.  The tutor is Marcus Hibberd, and we are helped along by Melanie, Mohammed, Annah, and Emily, all QM film studies undergraduates.

Here are three Lumiere Minutes, all capturing moments observed in and around the QM campus on an early evening in November.

The first has a complex mise en scene, with students in the higher background, turned away from us; a poster on the wall on the left hand of the frame (whose eyes, one student said, ‘seem to follow the action’); and centre foreground, a couple seemingly in a world of their own.  Whose ‘moment’ is this?

Second example: a frame cut down the middle, with shadowed Jewish Cemetery on the right hand of the frame, and well lit walkway on the left.  The walkway reaches back into the frame along the ‘z’ axis, towards the horizon line.  Along the path comes a child on a bike, then a group of younger students, then older people.  The frame is working horizontally, and into the deep background; one of the students said in a minute we get ‘human life, from child to grave’.

And last, how would you describe this?  A rehearsal, but in a frame split into thirds by a pillar so that, in the words of one student, ‘it’s like the pillar is the star’.  And the whole framed to make it feel that the film-makers are spying on the musicians.

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