Long slo-mo tracking in Ridley Road Market

John Potter took on the challenge to create a musical score for this long shaky slow motion tracking shot (without the tracking) that I took with a Flip camera “from the hip” in Ridley Road Market, Dalston, East London in 2011. He’s produced a haunting synthy piece with “a bed of guitar drones of various kinds” (see his nascent blog: http://themusicofwhathappens.com/2014/01/05/through-the-market/).

The clip was taken as part of an MA Module on blogging called Internet Cultures at The Institute of Education. It was inspired by the photographic ‘voyeurism’ of Paul Strand and Walker Evans with their specially adapted cameras. See my original blog post with versions of the market stroll with diegetic market sounds. I like the colours, movements, textures and narratives on offer … and now a cinematic feel with John’s music. Maybe one day I’ll sort the jitteriness in FCP.

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