Lumiere Holloway Road

Michelle Cannon, CCADJ Uk’s most assiduous interpreter, has been to St. Mark’s primary school in Holloway to watch the film club shooting Lumiere Minutes.  They’re with Katie Jones, the club teacher, and film-maker Sam Lawlor, both experienced Cinematheque-ers.

Read Michelle’s account of the trip out here: Lumiere Minutes Holloway, and see how she follows the children making 1 minute fixed frame films of ‘a motor bike repair garage, a pet shop, a bus stop, a nail salon, couple of newsagents, a football pitch, and notably a tattoo ..erm.. parlour? Fascinating locales all, to which the camera allows entry. Most of the time… the take-away food places were generally out of bounds.’  Amazing how accommodating the Holloway traders are..

Pictures are Michelle’s

holloway rd garage holloway rd shop

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