Lumieres Holloway Road Hashtag2

Having just posted a link to Michelle Cannon’s post on St. Mark’s in Holloway, I thought I’d embed a little compilation of their one minute films – 8 of them, so the total running time is.. 8′ 21″..


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One Response to Lumieres Holloway Road Hashtag2

  1. Class 4-7 Gaelic, Craighill Primary says:

    Hi mark.
    Very interesting films here are some comments from the class:
    The framing was amazing
    We like how you used the camera angle differently in each shot
    Very varied and interesting settings.
    Real cross section of citylife.
    Good idea to film at night with floodlights on football pitch

    Tapadh leibh Bha iad Sgoinneil! 🙂

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