Kip Jones’ long take – film making and research

Kip is one of my PhD supervisors and he made a 30-minute short film out of his social science research material on masculinity, ageing and older LGBT citizens in rural England. It occurred to him that he too had filmed a long take – see below (from 30 seconds in, to just over 3 minutes… so not conceived as a Lumiere minute as such) – during production of the short film he exec produced and wrote: Rufus Stone (Josh Appignanesi directed)

I think it fits well into the layering / depth of field element of long takes – with several separate stories going on – Kip at the back (or in fact at the front of the screen?) observing and filming the action from a fixed position, and going further in – the film crew clustered behind the camera, the guy holding the cables, the sweeping horizontal movement of the tracking shot, the foreground actors, the fire and the background actors.

Thanks for alerting us to this Kip and for introducing us to the potential of artistic research representation.

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