Nautical developing their final film

The London Nautical group shot this snaky, sinewy single take following shot last week, exploring their final film idea.  There are two takes in this sequence, with different sound edits, and different responses from passers-by (some insouciant, others flagrantly staring back at the camera.)  The boys used clip-on radio mics, so when the shot stops following, under the bridge, and Alasdair’s character keeps walking to meet his friend, we still have clear dialogue.

At 3 mins, it’s quite a tour de force of choreography – there are four or five separately staged interactions, with a phone call in the middle, so it had to be planned carefully.  And when you choreograph a certain amount of activity, other actions start to look staged too..

There’s a ‘junction’ shot, as in the Cinematheque Long Take typology, where Alastair and Barnaby part company, then a nice twist at the end where they meet again, in long shot.

And what’s interesting about that is.. the boys say they have a much better understanding of how film-makers manage sound, having used a variety of techniques and kit themselves.  Film was shot using an arm brace, which gives more stability to the camera, and it fits a growing body of ‘SB following shots’, that Nautical film club over the years have been adding to.  They’d been watching that clip from Goodfellas..

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