THAMES final shoot

That is, we hope it’s the final shoot, given that 14 of us spent most of Saturday shooting footage for the as yet untitled final film.

The scenario is that young woman, B, is having difficulty tracking down her boyfriend; when he calls her at her flat, it’s to warn her ‘not to open the crimson letter’, which appears in shot, under the door, as she takes the call.

The story has echoes of Ringu, and of short techno-horror Virus; the group take to the  macabre opportunities afforded by the task.  The locations were both at Queen Mary: the Jewish Cemetery again, reprising a shot with track and dolly, and the interior of a campus guest flat, loaned us by the Estates office.  The interior crew quickly realised that the story requires a transformation of the flat: to start with it had to be dressed as if lived in by the protagonist; in the final long take hand held tracking shot, the whole flat has been transformed back to a state of nature, with only minimal furnishings.  But the problem was.. the flat was un-dressed to start with, so we had to film the last shot first, then ‘mess up’ the flat for the rest of the shoot.

The most revealing sign of how much the dozen students had invested in the project, and the story, lay in the ‘gifts’ they brought to make the flat seem lived in: toiletries, books, crockery, fabric, clothes – Z brought a suitcase full! – and even flowers.  Wherever possible, the furnishings were coded red, horror-film style.  Everyone brought something.

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