Paris 2014

Paris 2014, June 3-5th, screening of 40 films made by young people, following the ‘long take’ protocol, over three days.  A thousand young people, from Brazil, Cuba, Martinique, Portugal, Catalunya, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany, 20 different schools in France, and from UK.. St Margaret’s Primary School in Withern, Lincolnshire; Broughton High School from Edinburgh; and St. Gabriel’s College from Lambeth in London.

The requirement in this year’s films is to script a ‘troubling encounter’, and to use several long takes, in one of which ‘the camera must become autonomous, leaving the characters and action behind.’  It’s clear immediately that the brief has brought out the ‘supernatural imagination’: we have a witch in the woods in Cuba, a nightmare funeral in Belgium, and spectral presences in Camberwell and the south of France, a deserted carnival warehouse in Sao Paolo, and a disappearing child in rural England.

On Thursday evening, 350 of us children were taken on a bateau-mouche, courtesy of sponsors EDF Energy.  Pictures here of children from Lambeth, Edinburgh, and Lincolnshire explaining the choices behind their films, responding to audience questions, and generally having ‘un bal’…

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