The Keyhole: St. Margaret’s Withern

Last year one of my favourite Mise en Scene films was made by children at St. Margaret’s Primary School in Withern, Lincolnshire. This year they made two films, one of which, Hide and Seek, came to Paris. The other is called The Keyhole, and was shown at the BFI a couple of weeks ago. The brief for all the Long Take films this was the same: to make a film about a troubling encounter, comprising a series of long takes, one of which had to ‘bifurcate’, ie leave the main action and go ‘for a wander’ on its own. If anyone has seen The Passenger, you’ll remember the ending, where the camera leaves Jack Nicholson alone on his hotel bed, tracks out of the room into the square, circles around the square and returns through the hotel back to his room, where he is now lying dead. Not that The Keyhole is quite as macabre as all that.. but it’s still very spooky..

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