Prague Seminar: Simone Moraldi writes

Presentation of Screening Literacy Prague, January 14 to 18

On 16 January the old Ponrepo cinema  in Prague hosted the Conference Film Education for the 21st Centuryorganized by the Czech National Film Archive in collaboration with Free Cinema: Film Program of Open Education, featuring the presence of a multitude of representatives of European institutions active in the field of Film Literacy. You can view the program in English here:

On 14th and 15th January at the premises of FAMUFilm and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, the Czech National Film Schoo, – we held the second meeting of the project European Framework for Film Education“. The project, funded under the Creative Europe Programme, is coordinated by the BFI (British Film Institute in London) and with the participation of delegates from 18 European institutions active in the field of Film Literacy. The project aims to create a benchmark for the European Film Literacy defining its features, limitations and skills.

The project is now in its second meeting after the first took place in Berlin in October and will turn to conclude in June with the publication and dissemination of the framework.

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