THAMES Exercise 3: Human Trafficking

THAMES group wrote on Tuesday 17th March:
This is our response to exercise three. The film observes a meeting between two characters as they exchange a rather gormless looking human being. We shot the film in three different ways: once in a long take from a wide angle, then in a moving long take (using a tracking dolly), and finally edited into a continuity shot.

In the first film the camera was stationary. We chose to do this shot from a wide angle to accentuate the spaces between the characters and how they changed throughout the film. We chose to leave long pauses between the action to emphasize the awkward atmosphere of the scene.

In the second we used the track and dolly to move the camera towards the action. We did this in order to draw the audience in. We paused the movement of the shot multiple times to frame a particular moment.

In the third sequence we used decoupage to create continuity. You can see the spaces between the characters from many different vantage points along different axes.

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