Partney shots

Exercise 2 of this year’s theme – ‘L’Intervalle – asks us to take comparative shots of a character approaching the camera, but looking beyond it. We’re asked to shoot this scenario using different focal lengths – wide, telephoto, and somewhere in between. Partney Primary school’s Cinematheque club took these two shots below, one wide, and one zoomed in, and look at the difference.

It’s as if the two shots exemplify how, and then how not to, frame. In the closer image, we have a frame blocked into horizontal thirds, with depth of field suggested by a screen (to the right – the portable whiteboard), and behind the curtains, implied light. The shot is reminiscent of montrer/ cacher, with curtained off window, screened-of space, and subject with her back turned.

the wider shot doesn’t focus the eye, or offer structure in the shot; everything is undifferentiated. The point of the exercise is to show the difference between using the camera lens at different focal lengths, and Partney does this expertly.

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