Le Meteo – 2015/16

The training session for this year’s theme was a couple of weeks ago in Paris.  We have Alasdair’s notes on Alain Bergala’s presentations on the Meteo page in the toolbar above, and the CF’s list of film clips.

The typology for weather covers categories such as:

  • the four or five different variants of weather (rain, snow, fog, wind/ storms, heat)
  • consideration of how weather changes settings, and people: the impact it has on environments
  • the role weather plays in stories – the direct effect of weather and narrative, like the role of the tornado in Wizard of Oz.
  • the pathetic fallacy/ objective correlative: the imagined mirroring of feelings and temperaments with weather scenes – and the counterpointing of weather and feeling, most notably in all the rain-soaked resolutions to rom-coms
  • the function of shelters – ‘cabanes’ – partially protecting characters from the weather
  • the key films that are structured across the seasons: Etre et Avoir; Fellini’s Amarcord; and Pelechian’s stunning The Seasons

Much to ponder, learn from, and enjoy!

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