Lincolnshire, Exercise 2

Our 10 Lincolnshire primary partners came to BFI last week to exchange ‘meteo work’: Exercise 2, on ‘sensations’ of weather, and Exercise 3 – a dramatic situation, repeated in different weather conditions.

Gainsborough Parish Church Primary put together this montage of rain-inspired sensations – with as much thought and imagination in the soundtrack as in the choice of images.  It might give Joris Ivens’ Rain a run for its money…

Meanwhile, at Legsby Primary, the film club went through the seasons, with a set of montages based on Jonas Mekas’s Walden

There’s a complex layering of images going on here, all made in Final Cut, with some mobile green screening of Charlotte walking in the fog, and smoky images from a bonfire overlaid on it too.  In Paris, someone questioned the foregrounded sound of the footsteps – ‘too high’ in the mix, they thought, when the shot of feet was further away.  But the decision came from the children themselves – and we like it.

Across all the Lincolnshire work that was shared, a common theme from the teachers was that every time the weather changed – fog, wind, heavy rain – children invariably required their teacher to down tools, pick up the camera or iPad, and go outdoors to capture it.

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