Comparing Exercise 1 in Brussels

On 25 Feb around 25 of the participants in this year’s project spent the day at the Cinemathek in Brussels, generously hosted by Freddy Malondo, to share Exercises 1,2 and 3.  We had St Margarets Withern and Legsby from Lincolnshire; Granton PS from Edinburgh; Romain Rolland HS from Paris; and colleagues from schools in Lithuania and Brussels.

We picked out a selection of Exercises from each section to host here – to compare and contrast with work going on elsewhere.  For some reason – maybe because we all met up the night before, or the sessions were in English and French, or because we had more time – it was the probably the most relaxed and productive ‘bilan’ many of us had been on.

The first examples are of Exercise 1: to take one or more ‘Lumiere Minutes’ of examples of play – real play, in the wild, as it were.  Not everyone was able to film play in school – if your in an after school setting, chances are you’re the only children on site.  Children were encouraged to film play at home, indoors, on phones.

These two examples are from Granton primary school in Edinburgh, and Jono Biliuno Gimnazija, in Anyksciai, Lithuania.


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1 Response to Comparing Exercise 1 in Brussels

  1. Love these clips. Clearly the ‘play’ theme offers rich opportunities to explore the interplay of axes in the frame as well as more social issues of power switching and emotional/dramatic highs and lows. Great stuff! Beautiful silhouetted framing from Lithuania.

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